Southwest Water Consultants

Southwest Water Consultants offers apartment property owners and management the opportunity to substantially lower their water and sewer bills, keep those bills low, AND increase revenue. We're able to achieve these objectives through one of three program options: Shared Savings, Pre-Pay, or SUB Program.

shared savings Program

We've built our business on the concept of Shared Savings. Through data analysis of your property's water and sewer expenses prior to our conservation efforts, we establish a historical benchmark and then begin installation of our water conservation measures. We bear 100% of the cost of this program up front, and only charge for our service at a rate of a fraction of the amount we were able to save versus the historical benchmark each month. No savings? No bill. We continue sharing in the savings we've created each month until we've billed out the Agreement price. While the program is active, we periodically return to the property to reinforce our initial conservation efforts inside each unit.

Pre-Pay program

This program provides the same water conservation effort as our Shared Savings program with a different renumeration structure. After the initial installation of our water conservation program we collect a one-time fee and the program is complete.

Sub Program

One of the challenges of both the Shared Savings and Pre-Pay programs is that the active water conservation effort at some point comes to an end. The very nature of aging properties with overburdened plumbing systems and maintenance crews means that over time, the success of a water conservation program can begin to fade. The SUB Program solves this problem. This option starts with the very same water conservation effort as noted above and continues with an annual water conservation service coupled with our monthly Ratio Utility Billing Service (RUBS) billing program in partnership with Southwest Utility Billing, LLC. RUBS billing is a forever need on a property and so is water conservation; by bundling both services together we can get to a price point low enough that each month the cost of both programs can often be passed through to residents.


  • Immediately improve property cash flow
  • Significantly improve property value
  • Minimize property water consumption
  • Decrease maintenance staff workload
  • Customized, property-specific solutions

Our Mission

Southwest Water Consultants exists to create solutions for multifamily property owners and management.

Your firm helped us generate an additional $4,800/month
in revenue with no cost to our property.
— John Walker, Dallas, TX

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